✍🏻 Recap (Meeting Amazon Ad Agency Founder/CEO)

This past Tuesday, my Google Meet with Ivan went unexpectedly well. (No, it wasn’t actually a meeting to discuss his ​Mastery Ads Course​, I actually discovered that after the call was setup.) Ivan & I met to discuss ​AdsDroid​ because I have a specific goal. I am going to help 10 authors ✍🏻 publish their … Read more

Attending the ​2024 Writing Workshop of Austin​

This past Friday, I attended the ​2024 Writing Workshop of Austin​, organized by Chuck Sambuchino (twitter/x ​here​). A local group called ​Novels in Progress​ (a local Austin, TX writer’s group) volunteered to run some of the administrative check-in logistics, and I really enjoyed meeting a few of them. Why did I attend Writer’s Workshop (Austin, … Read more