I never liked poetry. Until Mary Oliver.

She changed everything.

Finding Mary Oliver‘s Best Poems

The first time I read Wild Geese, it instantly became my favorite poem.

Until… I read The Journey

To be honest, though, I’m not sure I had a favorite poem up until I read Mary Oliver.

Oh, and let’s not forget Wild Roses.

Finding a Poet that Resonates

I think I just had a distaste for poetry because I never read poems that hit home for me.

Poetry is the language of the soul.

Poems connect with deep, unseen places within me.  I find that Mary Oliver (in particular) guides me toward my center.

When I’m not fully aware of what I’m feeling, or longing for, or having a hard time connecting to, I find her writing especially helpful.

And I guess that’s it– we find it much easier to connect with poets who share our own particular fascinations, don’t we?

For me, nature is home.

By casting the drapery of metaphor over simple, concrete statements, and adorning wisdom (and discovering it) inside trees, forests, meadows, streams, and brooks– Mary speaks my language.  The language of the deepest parts of me.

When I feel uncentered and distant from my self, I find that being in nature heals me.

And so does reading Mary Oliver.

The Four (4) Best Mary Oliver Books of Poetry

Ok, qualifying something as the “best” is a bit off. Too subjective of a subject matter…

But these are my three favorite books of Mary Oliver’s…

1. Felicity by Mary Oliver

Felicity by Mary Oliver

2. Why I Wake Early (by Mary Oliver)

Why I wake Early by Mary Oliver

3. Upstream by M.O.

Upstream by Mary Oliver

4. New and Selected Poems (Mary Oliver)

New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver


Poetry Table

The InvitationOriah Mountain Dreamer
The Guest HouseRumi
The Way It IsWilliam Stafford
The JourneyMary Oliver
Wild GeeseMary Oliver
RosesMary Oliver
The Man in the GlassPeter Dale Wimbrow Sr.
Earth, isn't this what you want?Rainer Maria Rilke
The Idea of Order at Key WestWallace Stevens