I’m always on the hunt for new, scalable profit-centers in my business.

You know… a basic profit center… spend $8, make $20.

That’s a twelve dollar ($12) profit.

But how many times can you repeat that cycle before the profits run dry?

And how quick and easy is it to do so?

Could Facebook Ads Turn an Instant Profit?

As a blogger, I make most of my money when advertisers pay me money.  What if I was able to create a profit center just using FB Ads?

Could I spend $1,000 in a day, and make $1,500 straight from advertising income?

That was the purpose of this experiment.  Here are the results.

The Lowest Cost Per Click I’ve Achieved ($0.0179)

That’s a little less than two pennies ($0.02).

Low Cost per Click Facebook Ad

The Cost of Facebook Ads varies dramatically, but this is the best one I’ve ever had.

Do I Make a Profit on This Ad?

Not a direct profit in the way I’d hoped.  (Big let-down…)

I was very close though.  So close that the overall return I generate from this ad is probably worth running when you consider:

  • Brand exposure
  • Pages per session
  • Email subscribers
  • Affiliate income

Still, the purpose of the experiment was to compare the cost of the ad and the return on investment for that click.

My RPM for the ad network that I use (MediaVine) drops below my cost when I run this ad, and I suspect it’s because the traffic derived from the ad clicks isn’t as valuable as my typical organic user.

lowest cost per facebook ad click ever

What Determines the Cost of a Facebook Ad Click?

I wish I knew. I can tell you that the exact cost fluctuates depending on:

  • The day of the week I run the ad
  • The audience I select (obviously)
  • Small tweaks to the title
  • Do I use a button?  (“Learn More”) for example
  • The image selected for the ad


As someone who makes a living from owning a few blogs, I’m obsessive about little science experiments like this.

Imagine if this experiment succeeded!  Every click on Facebook would result in a slight profit for my blog(s).

If the audience size is substantial, there are potentially millions of clicks to be (paid for and) profited from.

What About Your Blog? What’s your RPM?

This didn’t turn out to be a direct profit center for me… but what if it was for you?

If you’re a blogger with an RPM north of $30… running a Facebook ad like the one above at a cost of $0.0179 per click would result in you making an approximately ~50% return on every dollar you spend.

Spend $100,000 in a year… make $50,000

Not bad, right?

Calling All Bloggers!  Try This Yourself!

If you’re a blogger reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ll want to try this yourself, right?

I hope I’ve explained the concept well enough.

If you have questions, comments, or results of your own, please comment below and share this with others.

Together, we can crack the code on Facebook Ads for Bloggers, and start turning $1 into $2… digitally, instantly, and scalability will be as simple as a few clicks from our iPhones.