From Confinement to Freedom


Yesterday I heard the story of Sri Aurobindo. If you go look him up on Wikipedia, you'll find a few brief sentences about his conversion from politics to philosophy and spirituality, but I was told a more detailed account of this conversion. We'll pick the story up at his imprisonment Aurobindo, at one point in his life, received a sentence in jail. While in solitary confinement, a radical shift in consciousness occurred. Sri began viewing the prison guards (who held him captive) as deities. They were once THE obstacle to him... and they become the freedom. Can you imagine? Your worst enemies... [...]

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Ineffable Thing(s)


There's this ... "thing"... we're all after as human beings (perhaps beyond our own species, even). What do we call it? Happiness? Reality? God? Meaning?Joy?Fulfillment?The Universe?Purpose?The Answers? I don't know. I do know that I find it everywhere (when I pay attention). "It" is somehow hidden, yet ubiquitously occupying obvious places. But we walk through life so blind, don't we? We're like fish looking for water. (Speaking of... if you've never checked out David Foster Wallace's commencement speech to Kenyon College class of 2005, perhaps now is the time). If you don't have time... Here's the gist of the introduction... "There are these two young fish swimming [...]

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Why are we here?


As many times I've thought about this question (at least 100,000 times), and as many times as I've come up with answers that felt reasonable... the truth is... I don't know. I'm not sure.  Mythologies, religions, and personal experiences color each of our imaginations as we search for our existential identities, purpose, and meaning. When the surface level of life becomes dull enough, we dive deep into the oceans of our subconscious, squinting through dark waters for hints, guesses, clues... and while we occasionally find what seems to be a treasure trove of gold, it still seems we end up returning to the surface gasping for air. Perhaps [...]

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