The Future of Blogging


As of today, blogging has been around for at least 25 years. But things have evolved a lot. What about the next 25 years? What does the future of blogging have in store for us? Big Picture Giveaway: Jump to the Answer (skip Forrest's ranting)Practical Stuff for Bloggers: Jump to [...]

The Future of Blogging2020-01-16T20:00:59-06:00

How to Start a Blog (in 15 Minutes)


There are a few types of thoughts that come up for me when I think about starting a blog: Inspirational Thoughts (and feelings) Strategic Thoughts (macro/big picture) Technical Details (microfocus) Futurist Mindsets (possible futures) All the tools and resources I use I'm specifically writing this post for a few friends [...]

How to Start a Blog (in 15 Minutes)2019-10-07T20:52:28-05:00